We Take Good Care of Our Employees

Viking Kağıt believes that the power behind sustainable growth is "human" and supports its employees with the trainings it organizes. In addition to legal training requirements, Viking Kağıt provided orientation training, on-the-job training, personal development training, management skills training, specialist training, technical and professional training. It supported its employees through seminars and conferences. In 2018, Viking Kağıt provided employees with a total of 3848 hours of training in job security, personal development and vocational training.

the Group which supports women empowerment in every sector it has an activity, signed the “UN Declaration of Support for Women’s Empowerment Principles” in 2012, is within the “Platform for Equality at Work”, which is held under the leadership of the Ministry of Family and Social Policies and “Women’s Empowerment Working Group” created by Global Compact Turkey Board of Directors.

Viking Kağıt was selected the "Company that Pays Importance to Women's Business Life in 2017" at the "İzmir Business World Women Entrepreneurship Awards" organized by İZİKAD. Viking Kağıt was awarded with "Company valuing Women in Business Life in 2017" in "Izmir Business Life Awards for Women Entrepreneurship" which was held for the first time by Izmir İş Kadınları Derneği.