Recycling To Future

Our natural resources are getting more and more scarce each day as a result of the increase in consumption and crowding of our world. It should be kept in mind that the resources of the world which we have borrowed from our future, is not limitless and will be exhausted if spend carelessly. It is possible to use the natural resources efficiently by keeping the consumption of materials low and recycling the recyclable wastes. One of them, maybe the most important of them all, is recycled paper.

While the usage rates of recycled paper in some developed countries which have limited forests and cellulose resources, is about %75-80, this rate has only reached %50 in Turkey. It is in our hands to raise this rate for natural benefits and economical contribution.

It is possible to recycle most of the paper in the facilities with appropriate process designs. First quality papers are used in this process in order to achieve higher yields of outcome. Oily papers and papers soaked with sea water, carbon papers, bonding tapes which are not water-based, magnetic tapes and cards, sticky wax papers, used towels, toilet paper, tissues, hygienic sanitary pads and baby diapers cannot be used in recycling. Recycled papers are sterilised by the dehumidification process which is being done with high levels of heat, and the chemical processes used in recycling.