Our Sustainable Development Policy

Yaşar Holding Sustainable Development Policy was built on the basis of these missions and values:

“Following international developments and serving the sustainable development goals of with the business areas of our Group” within the framework of the “Not compromising our ethical, accountable and honest business understanding” are accepted as our main principle.

"To enable our employees to develop themselves while providing a fair working environment", "support local, protect local values while providing quality products and services for the needs of society", "to contribute to the progress of society with the partnerships we have developed", "While performing all these activities, to measure and improve our environmental impact and to contribute to the protection of natural resources",

"To continue to support the development of new generations in the future by investing in education, culture and the arts, just as in the past",
are the indispensable principles in our Sustainable Development Policy. Within the framework of our Sustainable Development Policy, the value we create "for a better life" as Yaşar Group,

"We take "good care" of our society, consumers, employees, environment, customers and business partners in our value chain and share with them."
Within this scope, we spread the understanding of ethical, accountable and honest management understanding in line with our Sustainable Development Goals and continue our activities as responsive to needs of consumers and society. Throughout our Group, we prioritize employee development and happiness.

We, with the consciousness of our ecological footprint, especially carbon and water footprint, are taking care of nature utilization and preservation balance. Knowing that we are also responsible for our business partners the way of doing business in the our entire value chain, and we are working to develop awareness on this issue.