Benefits of Recycling

Used paper deteriorates within 3 months when it is disposed of. The evaluation of the used paper for the purpose of recycling not only provided raw material supply but also contributed to the economy of the country.

The benefits of recycling paper to the economy can be listed as follows;

  • Cutting trees are minimized to protect forest assets.
  • Imports of raw materials are reduced. Therefore, it creates foreign currency savings. It is ensured that the waste paper serves as a new product.
  • Recycling of toilet paper, towel paper and napkin from waste paper produces energy savings around 30 to 50 percent compared to the production them from raw materials.
  • The reuse of scrap paper in paper manufacturing can reduce air pollution by 74-94%, water pollution by 35% and water use by 45%.

When 1 ton of used paper is not thrown away, recycled and reused in paper production, in one year;

  • 12,400 m³ of carbon dioxide elimination, the greenhouse gas in the air
  • 12,400 m³ of oxygen gas production continuation.
  • Preservation of 17 adult trees providing oxygen for 34 people.
  • 32 m³ Water consumption consumed by 3 families per month.
  • 1,750 Liters Fuel-oil savings consumed by two families for heating purposes in winter
    2.4 m³ saving from landfill
  • 4,100 KW / h, it is possible to save the electrical energy that 20 families will consume for a month.

As Viking Kağıt, we are able to recover more and more paper in high quality and hygienically with the “De-Inking Facility” investment we realized in 2000, and contribute to the national economy and nature with recycled paper.

Viking Kağıt, which does not compromise its environmentally aware producer identity, prevents the cutting of approximately 310,000 trees annually with its Select Smart and Pufla branded “nature-friendly” cleaning paper products.