“As a member of the Yaşar Group, which considers sustainability as an integral part of its corporate strategy with its economic, social and environmental dimensions, we continue to contribute to the development of our brands and products in economic dimension, the sustainability through projects such as reducing carbon emissions and water footprint, and energy efficiency in the environmental dimension, society in the fields of corporate social responsibility activities, education, sports, culture and arts in the social sustainability dimension.”


Our Environmental Responsibility

We are working for a sustainable world with an approach that is based on reducing the impacts on nature, improving business processes and using resources efficiently while carrying out our activities with a human and nature sensitive approach.

Combating Climate Change

As a result of our efforts to reduce carbon emissions per unit product in 2020 by at least 15% compared to 10 years ago, we achieved our target by reducing our carbon footprint by 18% in 2018 compared to 2010, reaching our goal 2 years earlier.

Water Use and Waste Water

We perform all the necessary practices to recycle or dispose of the wastes generated in the business under the principle of "waste management". We discharge the water from the biological treatment plant with values below the legal limits by breaking ground in the sector.

Water is Life

In 2018, we continued the calculation of the water footprint that we started in 2015. Within the scope of these studies, we achieved a 16% decrease compared to 2015.


Within the scope of the project, which we carried out jointly with ÇEVKO, 56% of the packaging materials we launched in 2018 were regained to the economy.