Corporate Values

Our Consumers And Customers Come First
All our business units strive to quickly and accurately identify the needs of our internal and external customers. Our approach is to be agile, proactive, and innovative in meeting their ever-changing expectations for a better life.

Our Operational Excellence
Our approach to operational excellence includes effective use of technology in all areas, lean operational processes, well-defined business systematic, fast and data-based decision support systems. Agility is a core competence we seek in our organization.

Our People
Under our Science, Unity, Success motto, our people; who are well-trained and experienced, who have a high sense of ownership and loyalty, who are open to science-based developments, who value free exchange of information and unity, who embrace participatory management and success-oriented culture, are among our most valuable assets.

Our Ethical Stance
Everywhere our operations are located; we are respectful to the social, political, and cultural values. Our actions are transparent and in compliance with all requirements of law and rules of ethics. We emphasize honesty, open communications and fairness in all our activities.

Our Environmental and Social Responsibility
In all our operations, we follow an approach that values the environment and nature while contributing towards creating a better future starting from today. As a socially responsible company, we continue our long- standing support for education, sports, arts and culture to further improve the quality of life. Being the pioneer of the ground breaking moves in the Turkish industry and supporting the development of the country, Yaşar Group has been contributing to economic development for 71 years and supporting the social development of the society with its social contribution projects. Today, the Group provides direct employment to 7500 people, under 21 companies, 6 of which are publicly listed, and two foundations. It strengthens its presence in all sectors in which it operates, particularly in the food, beverage and paint sectors, which are the main business lines; with a widespread sales and distribution network it delivers its brand and products to two hundred thousand points of sale. With the value it creates, millions of people benefit from the economy created by Yaşar Group.