Our Human Resources Policy

The fact that Viking Kağıt is the architect of many "firsts" and successes that were reached in such a short time, stems from the importance it gives to human resources. The philosophy of Viking Kağıt, which maintains its leadership in every field it competes by offering hygienic products of the proper quality, is the same in the evaluation of human resources within the group: Human First.

Viking Kağıt's human resources objectives can be summarized as follows:

  • Continuously working with qualified human resources that at the level of Yaşar competency,
  • To extend the competency-based human resources management system (Performance evaluation, potential determination, career planning, organizational backup applications) to all employees,
  • To make employees feel that she/he is a member of a large family and that they are valuable,
  • Encourage employees to submit criticisms and suggestions to improve the system via various incentives,
  • To enable employees to develop their competencies in achieving excellent performance through continuous training and creating a learning organization culture.

The application form yours to be filled in, will be added to our application database for evaluation when there are open positions in all Yaşar Group companies.