The choice of those who think
the best for the health
of their family...
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5-star solutions for professionals,
towards their need...
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We work to make life easier with our high quality and
hygienic products in 5 continents
and in more than 20 countries...
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We protect our future by
recycling used books, notebooks,
magazines and other papers...
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Superior Absorbency, Hygienic Softness

Manufactured from 100% pure cellulose, Premia has a unique softness with its 3-ply and specially designed patterned texture. With its durable texture, it easily absorbs liquid and moisture. Premia towels, which are certified to be compatible with food contact by ISEGA certificate, Premia toilet papers which are proven to have no allergen effect on the most sensitive skins by Dermatest Certificate, are your biggest helper for the health of your family.

Extra Soft, Extra Absorbent

Lily, with its wide range of products, the convenience and hygiene it provides, which is produced from 100% pure cellulose, is your choice in the kitchen, in the bathroom, at home, in the office, in the car, wherever it is needed.

Durable Texture, Affordable Touch

Senso paper towels, toilet paper and napkins, with its durability and texture that is suitable for continuous use, offers you affordable touches.

Five Star Solutions For Professionals

Select offers solutions for needs in out-of-home uses with a wide range of product options, and provides advantages of usage above expectations. Select, which is preferred with its durable and high quality products in hotels, restaurants, cafes, offers high benefits for professional users.

Smart Choice

The most important feature of Pufla branded products is that they are manufactured with the hygienic recycle process of used magazines, notebooks and books. Pufla toilet paper, towel paper and napkin, which have the same comfort as other product groups, offer its users the opportunity to support recycling. In this way, consumers also contribute to the protection of the economy and the environment by choosing Pufla products.

Lily is with you...

IZIKAD awarded Viking Kağıt "the Award for the Company that gives importance to Women's Business Life of 2017"...

Within the scope of the Izmir Business World Women Entrepreneurship Awards organized for the first time in 2018 by the Izmir Business Women's Association (IZIKAD), Viking Kağıt was awarded as the Company that gives importance to Women's Business Life of 2017.

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Viking Kağıt has reached another "the very first time" in the sector with two international certificates.

Viking Kağıt ve Selüloz A.Ş. which is a leading company of tissue paper sector in Turkey, has proven its quality and innovative production conditions with two prestigious certificates.

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